It's headed back to Boise and Taco Bell Arena-- March Madness.  It seems this annual sports phenomena takes over work place conversation and competitiveness year after year-- even if you don't like basketball.  In fact, I've seen brackets picked purely off of who has the best mascot go quite far in radio stations' past.

A basketball fan myself (Go Gonzaga), these are the weeks I look forward to the most. Yes, I nearly always lose my voice and sleep poorly before any Gonzaga game--but the energy and passion that is behind college basketball, a game that ANYONE can win, it unparalleled in the world of sports.

Boise State University will be hosting two rounds worth of games this spring, meaning that the March Madness fever will be sweeping Boise in a whole new way--hosting 8 NCAA teams will bring a flock of fans from across the country to see their teams play.

Will Boise State make the tournament? It's too early to tell.  If they can pull off a win in the Mountain West Conference Championship--they're guaranteed a spot. Otherwise, they're on the bubble and chances, to me, don't seem too great. We'll find out for sure on Selection Sunday (this Sunday, March 11th).

As for the teams that ESPN is PROJECTING to come to Boise, we could be hosts to:

  • Ohio State
  • Mid Tennessee State
  • Texas Tech
  • Buffalo
  • Clemson
  • Loyola-Chicago
  • Wichita State
  • Vermont

There are some elite programs in that projected lineup--but it is on Sunday we'll know for sure. March Madness cannot take Boise (and my life) by storm, soon enough!

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