If you're reading this, the video above is by far the most embarrassing footage you will ever see of me on the internet. Enjoy.

It's officially the most wonderful time of the year: march madness is in FULL effect. Having grown up in a household that loved this time of year, college basketball has always been one of my favorite sporting events. Then again, having gone to Gonzaga University made sure that I would be attached to the sport for the rest of my life.

The Zags have grown out of that slipper that the "Cinderella" era forced us to wear for so many years--now a nationally recognized top power, the Zags are the top team in the west. Just a six-hour drive north of Boise, there's really no reason that Boise shouldn't get behind this regional powerhouse!

Now, plenty of other teams from the region made it into the big dance as well: The University of Oregon, The University of Montana (who punched their ticket right here in Boise last week), Utah State University (a Boise State MWC foe), and The University of Nevada (who spent most of their season among the top 15 and nearly lost to our own Boise State earlier in the season).

You can watch all of the games online (and there's even a real convenient 'Boss Button' that I'll be using throughout the day to make sure it looks like I'm, you know...working) just by clicking HERE.

Did you fill out a bracket? Who do you have winning it all!?


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