For MOST teams in the country, the madness is over. Only a few remain and even less will be in play for a national championship by the end of today. In fact, one game is in overtime as I write this!

Yesterday, I watched Gonzaga play Texas Tech in the Elite 8. I met up with a friend at Sockeye Brewing to watch the game and yes--some lucky bar goers got to see a grown man cry.  Everyone has their teams--but there's just a passion that comes with being a Zag. I went to Gonzaga University for college and the fan base is one of the most loyal in the country. You can walk down the street of any town and meet fans of a handful of major programs--many of whom don't really even have a connection to the place. Us Zags? We have an invested interest in the success of our basketball program and our school. Yesterday? What a painful loss.  Boise is a great place to be a Zag simply because there are so many of us here and for two decades, Gonzaga has been the Pacific Northwest's representation in March Madness.  Despite 5 consecutive Sweet 16's and 3 Elite 8's in the last 5 years...Gonzaga will always be the team that: sucks, plays nobody, or chokes. That's just the stuff you have to brace to hear non-stop as a Zag.

Amidst all of the madness, Twitter remains one of the biggest sounding boards for people to talk basketball (or lack thereof) and so I wanted to see what people right here in the Treasure Valley were saying about all of it.

Happy March, y'all!

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