In the age of social media and smart phones, we can all look like whatever standards of beauty we want. Filters, baby! Also, makeup and its application techniques are unlike anything we've seen even just 10 years ago. You can transform yourself into any version of beauty you like. There are always arguments to be made on both sides whether this is a good or bad thing. Personally I do my makeup as best I can (pretty basic, I'm not skilled) and try to catch good lighting and angle myself. But no matter what you do, there will always be haters.

Such was the case with Marilyn Monroe back in 1951. It is rumored that she showed up to a party in a sexy dress and a columnist suggested she looked "cheap and vulgar," adding she'd look better in a potato sack. Another story has a journalist suggesting it is those sexy clothes that make her beautiful. And just like trolling isn't new, neither are clap-backs. Marilyn went ahead and did an entire photoshoot in a (tailored) potato sack. And wouldn't you know it, the potato sack was, you guess it, an Idaho potato sack. I mean, she was still a celebrity. Of course she was going to get the best of the best in potato sacks.

Perhaps consider this look for a sexy photo shoot. Obviously Idaho potato sacks are in abundance here. Slap on a wig and a splash of makeup, it's an iconic Monroe look not many think to emulate.


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