Boise and frankly, the entire State of Idaho, love a celebrity sighting. Whenever one of Hollywood's finest is in the Gem State--they're quickly identified, posted to social media, and then the internet around here breaks. Honestly, it's kind of cute, y'all. We just aren't used to seeing stars around here.

Idaho for many celebrities is an escape--and one or two posts on social media are nothing compared to their day to day lives. Just ask the Jenners or Bad Bunny, who take refuge in North Idaho, often!

This past Spring, Mark Wahlberg visited Boise and everyone totally freaked out. Who knew he was such a fan favorite? We quickly learned Monday evening that he was back in town and once again, the FOMO on social media is real.

During his time here, we can tell that he visited Wahooz in Meridian, F45 in Meridian, and Giggy D's Bar & Grill in Meridian as well! He was a busy guy, and here's a closer glimpse at his travels.

Let's take a look at his Monday in Boise!

Back in Boise Like He Never Left: A Look at Mark Wahlberg's Visit

It hasn't even been 6 months since Mark was here in Boise--today, he was back!

Did you get a chance to see Mark wandering around town? 

We have some ideas and a little bit of secret information on when and where he might return--any guesses? We'll keep you posted, here!






Let's not forget that it was just five short months ago that the Boise internet melted down over Wahlberg's visit to town. During this time, he visited Albertsons, F45, and met tons of fans including a Boise State football star!

Exclusive Look Inside of Mark Wahlberg's Boise Visit

After so much speculation, we now have an exclusive look at Mark Wahlberg's visit to Boise!

Check out the full video for yourself, below!

Inside Mark Wahlberg's Trip to Boise

Here's what we know, what we don't know, and what we can only assume...

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