I recently joined Misfits food delivery service because I wanted farm fresh produce picked by people who know what they're doing. Every two weeks they deliver a big box of farm grown goodies to my door. I highly recommend it. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I miss spending Saturday morning taking a stroll through the farmers market and loading my basket with delicious finds that the farmers themselves have convinced me are the right choice. (They're always right.)

Next best thing is strolling through a farmer's market on a Tuesday evening. Farm to Fork Farmers Market has announced its return beginning May 18th. Every Tuesday from 5pm- 8pm you can make your way through the stands and stock up on fresh food from local farmers. The open air market has meats, a variety of produce, fruits, homemade desserts, bread, seasonings, and other farm-fresh goods.

This year it will be located between Arthur & 7th Street across from the Treasure Valley Community College; next to Indian Creek Plaza. September 28th is slated to be its final day. In conjunction with the market, Indian Creek Plaza will be hosting live music and drinks from 6pm- 9pm on the same day. That makes 6pm- 8pm the sweet spot to enjoy everything at once.

I know May seems far away, but look how quickly we've hit the middle of March? So dust of your reusable totes and get ready to spend every Tuesday in Caldwell. You can follow the Fork To Table Farmers Market Facebook page to stay updated on any changes.

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