No--the radio-famous Piccolo is not sick. In fact, she's happier than ever. But it's time for an annual check up and I'm searching for Boise's best vet.

If you're a pet owner like me, few things are as important as the health of your fur child. In the instance of Piccolo and I -- she's my first born given I have no kids. When I was in college, she ate better than I did and to be honest, she still probably does. I spoil this cat rotten and when it comes to her health, I should act no different.

Piccolo hasn't been to a vet since she and I moved to Boise so we don't really know where to go. I'm looking for a vet that is trustworthy, great with cats, and one that if I ever had an emergency with Pics, I could get to or contact, easily.

Do you have any suggestions? I live in SE Boise, so proximity to home is nice--but if someone is the best of the best, I'll drive anyplace! Who do you and your family trust with your pets?

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