Whether you watch from your phone, your laptop, or your living room--it seems Netflix has a real influx of solid shows on right now.  I feel like that's a lot coming from me, seeing as I pay for a subscription to watch The Office over and over...

I'm not sure where winter is hiding, but I'm also not mad at how beautiful it is outside right now.  That said, I'm not encouraging you to not get outside and enjoy the sun...in January...but if you've been a home body like I was this weekend here are my top three suggestions and no, none are Bird Box.

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  • 1

    The Ted Bundy Tapes

    This show has been super addictive and I'm sure someone in your class or office has been talking about it. It's a pretty interesting narrative on Ted Bundy and how he was able to pull off what he did prior to being caught.

  • 2

    Fyre Fraud

    Love concerts or music festivals? This jaw-dropping documentary will make you cringe, laugh, and wonder what the hell some people were thinking. This is an insider-look at how and why the Fyre Festival was a complete failure. You'll know why just a few minutes in...but it never gets boring. Some peoples kids...

  • 3

    Avicci: True Stories

    I always respected the work of Avicci and while apparently this documentary came out in 2017, I never knew about it. It's an inside look into his life, music, and personal struggles.

  • 4

    Bonus: The Office

    I had to. Why Not? It never gets old...

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