More events in Boise this weekend and the weather is finally starting to feel like spring again. Throwback to a month ago when it was warmer than it is now...but that's neither here nor there.

It's always fun sifting through Boise's events to find the top three that you can't miss over the weekend, but if you can believe it...sometimes I miss some pretty good ones.

If you or someone you know has an awesome event coming up, make sure you let me know! Just shoot me the details at

  • 1

    Daylight Savings Time


    I'm way too excited for this event that we'll all be "attending" whether we want to or not. So, here's your reminder. On Sunday, set that clock an hour ahead.  By the way, this means it's going to get darker, later now. HOORAY!

  • 2

    Hispanic Film Festival

    Boise State University

    As the resident Hispanic here at 103.5 KISS FM, I would encourage you to check out this FREE event tonight over at BSU's Riverfront Hall.

  • 3

    Make It Rain Friday

    China Blue

    Free money and free drinks anyone?  One of the best standing events in downtown Boise goes down tonight on the corner of 6th and Main!

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