It has been by far, the longest week in a very very long time and I have no idea why it has felt that way. That said, as I write this the weekend is clear in sight!  I've got a friend in town this weekend that I haven't seen in a long time so I am so looking forward to getting out there and having some fun!

I did my homework for you to find Boise's best events this weekend and I hope you'll check some of these ideas out! See my top three, below.


*As always, don't forget to email me any ideas you have! I'd love to feature them next week! My email address is:

  • 1

    Make It Rain Friday

    China Blue

    It's happening tonight and I'll be hosting the party! China Blue will be making it rain hundreds of dollars in cash and free drinks onto the dance floor.

  • 2

    Strike Out Suicide

    Caldwell Bowl

    $20.00 to bowl and proceeds go towards a great cause--the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. For more, click HERE.

  • 3

    The Balcony Club

    corner of 8th & Idaho

    The Balcony has been closed ror a few days to of my favorite bars in Boise is BACK OPEN this weekend. What's the event? Well..nothing special. But if you love The Balcony too-- check out their updated bar this weekend!

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