The weekend is here--that's right, ANOTHA ONE. Yeah, read that in your best DJ Khalen voice.

I'm stoked because who doesn't love some time OUT of the office and IN the city!  I'm a little salty as I look outside while writing this: gloomy and no sunshine? Um, what happened to summer?

Regardless, let's take advantage of every "summer" weekend we can get here in the Treasure Valley.  As always, I've been diving through the internet to find the very best of events happening in the area that you, your date, and your family can check out.

If you have an event coming up that you think should make the cut in a future 'Three For The Weekend', just email me!


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    Fatty's Bar

    If you're 21 or older this is the party spot tomorrow night, Saturday, June 8th! I'll be takings some tickets to Boise Music Festival from my own personal stash out there so find me early! Drink specials run all night-- come see us! 10:00 p.m. until Midnight

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    Eat A Donut

    There are a ton of donut specials all over the Treasure Valley today, Friday, June 7th. However I love supporting local business and Guru Donuts, in my opinion, is the spot! Stop in for a free potato donut with every purchase. The STIL will also be hanging out.

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    Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival

    Get over to the Revolution Concert House tomorrow, Saturday, June 8th.  After 4:00 p.m. it's open to all ages so you can have a brew with the kids nearby and that's fine. There will be live music, craft beer, and I mean--how much more Boise does it get?

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