The weekend is here and ideally, you're getting out and enjoying yourself. Right now, we're facing that time of year that is kind of pivotal for many all across the Treasure Valley. With school just around the corner, this time of year means the last grip of summer for kids and a soon very different morning routine for many parents. If you're single like me, this shift really means nothing more than some weather changing in your life-- but regardless, summer is quickly coming to an end and if you haven't had some summer fun yet, it's not too late. As I do each week, here are my three suggestions for getting out there and having some fun before we're back to the work grind on Monday!


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    Hit The Fair!

    It's back and it's always a fun time for the family, the kids, or even a date. The Western Idaho Fair over at Expo Idaho is now officially up and running and I think you should check it out! Splurge on some fair food, soak up the sun, and kick it at this annual treasure valley staple! It's just $7 at the gate for adults to get in.

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    I keep complaining that I haven't been down the river ONCE this summer-- there's still time. Grab your friends and partake in one of Boise's most treasured summer traditions-- floating down the river. The weather is just right for this!

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    Get into some nightlife..

    I'll be hosting StrangeLove in downtown Boise-- have you been yet? Check out Boise's newest nightclub (for those 21 and older) and say whats up! Another nighttime option is the Iration and Pepper concert at Outlaw Field. Nothing beats live music on a summer night out there!

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