Spoiler Alert: The best thing to happen on the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special tonight is Maya Rudolph as a "***Flawless" Beyonce.

While we've been obsessed with Maya Rudolph's Queen Bey impersonation ever since we first saw the comedian nail it back in her SNL days, there truly is no Beyonce spoof like an SNL 40th anniversary Beyonce spoof.

Maya Rudolph walked on stage decked in her Bey best (she obviously woke up like this), donning a sparkly black "Single Ladies" leotard and perfectly waved caramel locks. But, as we all know, the most on-point impersonation isn't just about looking like the person's doppelgänger. Oh, no, no, no. Rudolph, obviously, went the whole 10 yards, shimmying it all around the stage like she was Queen Bey herself.

And don't even get us started when she started singing "Drunk in Love," only changing the lyrics to ridiculously hilarious things about Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary. Like her "surfboardt" chant about SNL 40 practically had us in convulsions. (Seriously, check out the Vine above -- you will be rolling on the floor. Guaranteed.)

Other epic things happened in the same montage -- like Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer singing operatic versions of "Uptown Funk," "Turn Down for What," "All About That Bass" -- but nothing could ever compare to Maya Rudolph's Beyonce. Sorry. Check out her epic impression in an endless loop thanks to the Vine above.

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