I don't think that any of us would have thought that COVID-19 would last as long as it has. Sure, medical professionals and scientists may have understood the severity of this from the get-go, but for us simpletons, it seems like it was easy to just assume we were in it for a few months and then we would be OK. Here we are, in November, still navigating all of this.  Then of course, there is all the hype behind 2021! Unfortunately, just because the calendar year will change in a matter of weeks...COVID-19 isn't going to magically disappear.

Just this morning, in an effort to further combat the rise in COVID-19 cases here in the City of Boise, a new Public Health Order was released by Mayor Lauren McLean.

As discussed by Central District Health just days ago, community spread in the greater Treasure Valley is rampant. While CDH didn't implement any orders for the county, McLean hopes that the City of Boise will step up to change our approach.  Out of concerns for the economy and the greater health of Boise residents, the Public Health Order will become effective on Monday, November 23rd.

This Public Health Order includes the following restrictions:

  • Face masks remain REQUIRED
  • Limits will be in place for city board and commissions meetings
  • Restricts Boise Airport access
  • Creates consequences for individuals or businesses that knowingly violate orders

Yes, now, the City of Boise is saying that there could be consequences.

If a business needs help in enforcing COVID-19 protocols, the Boise Police Department is able to assist via the non-emergency number: 208-377-6790. Boise Police can cite or arrest anyone who will not cooperate.

If an individual feels compelled to file a complaint against a business who is not following city orders, that too is now an option by calling the City Clerk at 208-608-7040. In this instance, businesses may face license suspensions.


You can read the entire release and order from the City of Boise Mayor's Office, HERE.

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