Boise again and again proves to be one of the greatest places on earth and we're seeing more and more examples of this--as expected--right now. The coronavirus pandemic continues and it's beginning to feel REAL here in the Treasure Valley and across the State of Idaho. While the City of Boise was ahead of the curve as far as the 'Stay at Home' mandates are concerned, Governor Brad Little now has the State of Idaho following similar orders.

The term 'hero' is so over used. So often we see high profile individuals that have a platform because of their jobs or status given the title of hero. We tend, just as often, to overlook those "unsung" heroes in our community. The ones that don't have a platform, yet show up with good deeds and are fine with going unnoticed. I've genuinely appreciated those types of folks and businesses that have, though this coronavirus pandemic, stepped up on their own volition to make a difference.

One of those businesses is Epic Shine Car Wash-- a locally owned and operated car wash that has six locations here in southern Idaho. These guys are offering FREE car washes for local medical professionals who are working overtime to keep so many in good-health right now.

This is happening on Friday, March 27th through March 30th 

The car wash is a $15 value and all you have to do is show your medical ID card at any of their locations.

Find the location best for you, HERE.

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