If there’s one thing that everyone in the world it can agree on it’s that they love their pets. When something is wrong with them it’s extremely sad and stressful for the owner who cares deeply for them. In moments like that we rely on the vets to save our little furry friends and keep them both safe and healthy.

It’s normal to find vets that work on cats and dogs but it’s not always easy to find a vet who is both willing and capable of working on our smaller furry friends. However, one veterinary hospital goes above and beyond for all pets, even the little guys. Ewing Animal Hospital located in Boise, Idaho helps all sorts of animals! They help not only dogs and cats but exotic pets as well.

Recently the animal hospital performed life-saving surgery on a little hamster who almost didn’t make it. Ewing is one of the only hospitals in the local area who were able to help right at the moment when they were most needed. After successfully operating on the small pet the owner was able to take her home and she ended up making a full recovery.

Little Hamster is Saved By Ewing!

Thank you Ewing Animal Hospital.

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

If you have a hamster or any other exotic pet that’s in need of medical attention take them to Ewing Animal Hospital. They’re more than helpful and willing to help when the pressure is on. They’re located at 2318 N. 36th Street, Boise, Idaho. The animal hospital has been around since 1947 and they’re dedicated to helping your pets out!

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