Today is International Women's Day and it's hard for me to imagine that there is a single human being that doesn't have a woman to thank for their existence, upbringing and or success. Maybe it wasn't your mom but there had to have been a woman along the way that made a positive difference in your life. My father is an amazing man and I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the world. He worked his whole life to make sure we had what we needed and always made sure that his kids came first. My mother on the other hand was the one to always be there with a kind word, to help with homework, to confide in. She has always been the coach and the cheerleader of the family. She is the parent that no matter what crazy idea I came up with, she would always encourage me. My mom dared me to chase my dreams and as I result I always have. Happy International Women's Day to all the Moms and Women out there making a difference.

I think it's great that the Meridian Dutch Bro's are also honoring women on International Women's day.

According to ktvb "Dutch Bros is celebrating International Women's Day by donating $1 from every drink sale to Dress for Success. They're an organization that helps women get professional clothes for job interviews."

These are the three Dutch Bros locations participating:

  • 1351 Fairview Avenue
  • 2170 Overland Road
  • 37 E. Calderwood Drive

If you need more Ideas on how to celebrate Women on their special day click here.

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