An online episode of Crime Watch Daily opens up, setting the scene with a dramatic narration:

A violent showdown between two men, vying for the attention of a blonde

The opener continues with chilling 9-1-1 phone call audio of a woman screaming-- Kandi Hall had watched the entire crime, go down.

Investigation Discovery To Feature Meridian Murder

A murder in the Treasure Valley? We sure don't hear about that often. You may recall this crime, however, as nothing like it goes on around our town. A Meridian man shot dead in a Walgreens parking lot--because his wife was having an affair with her boss. She was in the parking lot and the only witness.

Perhaps you remember the crime from just 10 years ago. In March of 2011, shots rang out in the parking lot of a Walgreens in Meridian, Idaho. This never happens--but on this night in particular, now convicted suspect Robert Hall was up to something. After learning that his wife, Kandi, had been having an affair with her boss at work--Hall was ready to confront them. The confrontation ended in Emmet, Kandi's boss, losing his life that night.

If you are familiar with the true-crime network Investigation Discovery, you may know the show set to feature this crime, "American Monster".

The episode is set to be titled "What The Heart Wants" and will air on Sunday, November 21st at 9/8 Central.

Learn more about the show, HERE.

These 20 Crimes Are Still Unsolved in Boise

Can you identify anyone in these photos or surveillance videos? The Boise Police Department is hoping that you can give them a tip leading to more information! Who would have thought that the City of Boise would have so many unsolved crimes!

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