If you can believe it-- Meridian just doesn't seem to be in love with Costco these days.

Wholesale deals, discounted fuel, and samples -- how could you not love that?

Well, many Meridian residents don't feel the addition of this Costco near their homes is going to be great. be it from traffic, appearance, or home value--many residents wish this neighborhood Costco wasn't being built. As for the company, the growth in Meridian and the entire Treasure Valley just calls for another store.

Costco hopes to have this store opened by 2020 and their efforts have been including residential feedback.  I never considered getting feedback on the appearance of a building like Costco has been seeking--but finding some compromise with are residents seems to show that they care.

According to an article in the Idaho Statesman, residents hope the store is more than just a gray building--perhaps Costco will soon have a newer store front model to use elsewhere, thanks to Meridian!

For the full story on Costco working with Meridian neighborhoods-- click HERE.

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