First of all, can we all admire how regal my cat is (pictured above)?

Soak in it? Ok, good.

Speaking of cats...and pets in general-- a new Spay and Neuter clinic is coming to Meridian and the best news of all is, it's a low cost clinic!  Pet care can be expensive and sometimes prices can deter people from wanting to get their pet spayed or neutered. A nonprofit organization called Spay Neuter Idaho Pets, Inc (or SNIP for short) is aiming to bring that reasoning, to an end.

Set to open up in Meridian next month, SNIP will be the first "high-quality, low cost" clinic in the entire state of Idaho. They're proud of their passionate team and it's actually their surgical techniques that make the procedures cheaper than you may find elsewhere.  Smaller incisions mean less time under anesthesia, which means quick recovery and lower prices.

Anyone in the community can take their pets to SNIP once they're open.  Check out their website, HERE.

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