Live for 175 Year 10 wrapped up on Saturday, but we still have a lot of work left to do! 

That's one thing that a survivor told Keke toward the end of the week.  They reminded him that once the countdown clock hit 0, the bikes were back at their home at CycleBar and the staff was exhaling over dinner together, the victims of abuse are still there.  They don't go away once Live for 175 is over and neither does the pain they're dealing with because of what happened to them.  We will NOT forget you and we will continue to be here for you!

We were very lucky (pun intended) on Saturday to have an old friend of ours surprise us on our finale Saturday.  Lucky Tha DJ drove through the night from Portland to join us for the 10th year of our child abuse prevention campaign.  To be honest, without Lucky, Live for 175 may not have survived into it's 10th year.  What you didn't see during the years that Keke stayed awake or ran the marathons, was Lucky's tireless efforts behind the scene to make sure Keke stayed healthy, that things on the station were working correctly, etc.  While it Live for 175 was always close to his heart, it means even more to him now that he has his own adorable little girl and fiancé.  It's so cool to see he and Keke start their families/next chapter of their lives at the same time!

You can see Lucky, his little girl and more in my final album from Live for 175! THANK YOU for everything you've done to spread the message "it shouldn't hurt to be a child" around the Treasure Valley.  We challenge you to continue spreading it throughout the rest of the year as well!

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