Uh, can anyone tell me where to get a good pedicure?

Because I'm fairly sure that I'll be parting with one of my toenails on my right foot after Saturday's Race to Robie Creek!  Even though I'd completed a half marathon last month, I'll admit I was absolutely terrified before the whip cracked at high noon on Saturday, April 15th! I'd only done three hill runs leading up to it and I decided not to do any of them on the course, so I went into the "toughest race in the Northwest" totally blind.  Was it as bad as the stories I've heard from so many people that have tried to take on the course before me?

No! OMG, the race was literally one of the most fun things I've ever done!  And short of the sunburn I got and the toe nail I might lose on my right foot from my foot hitting the inside of my shoe the the entire way downhill from Aldape Summit, I feel great today! I'll be totally honest, running Robie is totally worth it just to get in to the after party where they're pouring as many beers as you can responsibly handle and had a great live cover band!

In case you're wondering, Boiseans swept the men's and women's titles! Erik Teig took the men's title in 1:16:57.8 while Morgan Arritola too the title on the women's side in 1:30:29.2.

...but you guys had concert tickets riding on my finish time, didn't you?! I said I'd give my personal pair of tickets to see Flo-Rida, The Band Perry, Sean Kingston and more at Boise Music Festival to the person who guessed my finish time closest without going over. My official time was was 2:08:26.2! So congratulations are in order for:

Janae Beckstead!

Janae predicted I'd finish in 2:04:52, so that's a goal for next time! Here's some of the pictures from the race! You can also check out KTVB's really cool drone video of the first hill up Shaw Mountain Road below!

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