This past Sunday was the official start of summer and it's safe to say that summer is coming in hot! The first week is going to have temperatures in the 90's. The second week summer will really make its presence known with a 5 day stretch of 100 degree days. If you're not able to get out of town for cooler weather what can you do? What if I you could stay local and drop the temperature 15-20 degrees while getting a major adrenaline rush or doing the complete opposite and relaxin while enjoying some amazing views?

I have two words for you... Bogus Basin. The elevation creates much cooler temperatures and the terrain makes for great mountain biking or hiking plus the views are pretty amazing. Whether you're in search of some downtime or if you're looking to get down... here are 3 fun things you can do at Bogus Basin this summer.

1. The Gravity Park, allows you to take the chairlifts up the mountain along with your bike so that your "downhill-only biking experience" is adrenaline filled without the struggle of pedaling all the way up. The 30 different trails will keep you coming back for more.

If you're on the other side of the spectrum and want to do something little more zen Bogus has just the thing for you... According to their site Yoga is Back.

2. "Yoga on the Mountain is BACK! 100% FREE yoga at 6,100'. Our first class of the summer is this Saturday, 6/19! Tag your friends and we will see you on the lawn this Saturday at 10:30 am"

If you're not in to Yoga or mountain biking but you enjoy beautiful scenery and shopping the third option has your name written all over it.

3. According to "Later on in the summer, Bogus will host a new Market on the Mountain, in partnership with Global Gardens."

Bogus has more than 70 events planned including a free concert series this summer, so whether you're looking to rip up the mountain or just beat the heat, Bogus is a great choice this summer and is now open 7 days a week.

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