The Ada County Sheriffs office is appreciative of any and all volunteers that help in any capacity of their operations at the jail, however their newest potential recruit is not your ordinary volunteer.  A miniature horse named Domi could be helping inmates at the Ada County Jail soon!

Perhaps you remember, if you're a fan of Parks and Rec, Li'l Sebastian? Well, Domi is basically his cousin.

Domi the mini-horse is a registered therapy animal and he already makes trips to area hospitals to cheer up patients.  The owner of the horse heard of the therapy dog program already in place and offered Domi's services.  According to the Ada County Sheriffs Office on Facebook, having the therapy animal program really lifts the spirits of inmates.  Domi visited the jail last week to visit with staff just so everyone could see how she interacted with people and the visit appears to have been a success. The Sheriffs office told KTVB News Channel 7 that she loved and sought out the attention and would be a great fit.

Jail officials are currently looking for ways to work Domi into therapy visits and like all therapy animal programs, this will be at no-cost to taxpayers.

Much like the dogs in the jail, Domi will only interact with non-violent offenders in the Ada County Jail.

Dogs and now Domi the mini horse, are not the only therapy animal programs in place in our area for detention centers.  The Idaho Humane Society teamed up with incarcerated women some time ago to provide them with kittens and adult cats to foster and raise.  Much like the Ada County Jail dog program, officials noted that anxiety relief and even less medications were necessary for those who were allowed to take care of foster kittens.

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