Another weekend here in Boise has come and gone and that means that if you're single-- you were probably at one of the many events all over town and yes, it's okay to admit it--you probably saw someone attractive.

Being single myself, I get it: you see someone attractive, you probably fall in love instantly, and then you forget they exist the next day because you never even approached them.  I'm sure this has happened to you at least one time before.

Well, sometimes people miss each other and MAYBE, just maybe, they were meant to be together. That is--sometimes one party feels that way at least.

I've scoured the internet today to find only the best of Boise's "missed connections" and maybe one of these, is you!


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    Blonde in Jeep at Jiffy Lube

    Was this you? Here's the post:

    "You are a gorgeous short blond We talked about our jeeps.yours is silver. Erica?"

    Email your match, HERE.

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    Jackson's on Fairview & Liberty

    I hope you know who this is, or maybe it's a little creepy...the post:

    "Jamie....I have a massive crush on you. But, that's probably obvious"

    Email your match, HERE.

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    Roaring Springs Hottie

    Anyone else in their early twenties remember growing up at Roaring Springs and seeing your middle school crush there? Well--this one may be about you if you were at the water park on Sunday...

    "That long gaze in each other's eyes was more than enough of a signal but the circumstances weren't ideal for more than that. You are breathtaking! That moment stands on its own as being amazing but should you see this, know that I'm happy to connect. Your brown hair drawn up in a bun, bikini showing off that amazing body and most importantly those eyes that told me you wanted more. You know what I looked like so tell me, and tell me more about what excites you."

    Email them back, HERE.

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