Are you single in Boise? As someone who's single in this town and busy with work and other things most days--finding time to date isn't very easy. At this point in my life, I'm ok with that and plus, I've got a cat to raise at home.

However, not everyone is as cool with being alone as I am and every now and then-- when you're out and about someone will notice you and never have the courage to say hi.



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    Were you at the Winco at Garrity in Nampa?

    This one was posted up on Craigslist just today. It seems someone is wanting to date... was this you?


    I Highly doubt u will see or read this but we bumped into each other at winco. I we're tall and tan wearing black booty shorts pink top and had a dermal by ur eye. U said hi to me and I said hi back, we kept bumping into each other and had small talk. U said ur name was Cynthia? Well shit if u read this respond with what I looked like? I'm seriously kicking myself in the ass for not asking for ur number!

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    Rose-- did you go to the Doctor today?

    I've never found love at a doctors office-- I'm typically to sick to care. If your name is Rose and you were at the doctor's today-- MAYBE this is your future bae.


    You have pink hair and are a substitute teacher in Alaska part of the year. We met this morning in the waiting room and talked about our experiences in Alaska, mine as a bartender, yours as a substitute. I was so busy enjoying our conversation that I didn't get any of your information aside from your name. 

    If you see this I'd really love to get to know more about you, even with you leaving in August for Alaska I want to know you better.

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    Danielle? George needs you back...

    George, you might be the only person to find feet beautiful...but I hope you find Danielle again. 
    Danielle, this is George, I miss you very much!! Please let me know that you are doing ok. We hooked up when I told you how pretty your feet were and we played together many times after that. I have my own place now and more money to spend on you, please let me show you how much I have missed you! Thank you!



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