Did you encounter a cutie during a run? Did a hottie make your heart flutter at the salon? You might be in Boise Missed Connections!

Every Monday Cruise & Box read Missed Connections from the Boise Craigslist. Normally it’s a run-in at a gas station, a glance at a restaurant, or a lost love. Here’s some of the strangest Missed Connections we spotted this week:


Sexy Girl With Purple Hair at Simply Stylin' - M4W (Nampa)

You work in a hair salon in Nampa. I came in today and saw you. You were up at the counter where I was at you did not have any clients. We both smiled and eyed each other a few times and I thought there was a bit of a connection. You were thin build, purple hair, wearing a black long sleeve sweater. I thought you were very sexy. I'm not single, so if that doesn't bother you I would definitely love to chat.


Walmart off 12th Nampa Cute Girl - M4W

I was getting groceries and noticed you, you looked good, hott body, wearing tight pants. Yoga pants? I was alone, wearing all black and in shorts. Checked you out, but you were with someone. Sister maybe? You looked 18-24 maybe...


Greenbelt - M4M (Boise)

To the man in the black running pants and green jacket on the greenbelt near the Main Street underpass - you were running west as I was on my post-run walk heading east. Thank you for the high-five. You made my day. Hope to see you again sometime.


Can't get enough missed connections? We totally understand. They're completely addictive. Looking for that long lost love from the other night? Peruse our previous Boise Missed Connections and see if that special someone pops up for you!




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