Every Monday Cruise & Box read Missed Connections from the Boise Craigslist. Did you fall in love during the eclipse? Trying to connect with a long lost love? You might be in Boise Missed Connections!

Here’s some of the strangest Missed Connections we spotted this week:

You Were Doing Yard Work Mid-Day (Boise) - W4m

Saw you (built,confident,light brown/dirty blonde) today doing your lawn work with someone who works for or with you (he mentioned drinking whisky in your backyard). I was walking on the sidewalk across from your house while you were getting your chainsaw going. I had to make myself look away. But I saw you looking at me, more than looking at me, the type of long glance over that makes a woman know she is seen, she is attractive to the him, and he would want more to happen. I know we'll eventually meet since we are neighbors and all.



Key Mart Mini Market (Mountain Home) - M4M

You was in a white truck passenger seat you was talking bout my truck what was the company logo on the white truck and what color was mine not sure if its how you go but

(Yes, that's how the ad ends. No more words. No more punctuation)

Blonde In The White Jeep Wrangler (Nampa) - M4W

I seen you checking out my lifted cj5. You were pretty cute, blonde. In a newer white wrangler jeep. We were at the light in front of the garrity exit about mid day. I wouldn't mind chatting and maybe hangout. If you see this...What color is my jeep.

(Notice anything about this next ad? I'm 99.5% sure this is the same person as this next one)

Blonde Cutie At Jalopy Jungle (Caldwell) - M4W

I seen you in Caldwell at jalopy jungle you might have been 25yo...you were very attractive in a ball cap and jeans...you were waiting under the cover with your ........? we shared a look, or 2. I should have said hi...to the gorgeous blond with the red/maroon ford focus

Can't get enough missed connections? We totally understand. They're completely addictive. Looking for that long lost love from the other night? Peruse our previous Boise Missed Connections and see if that special someone pops up for you!

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