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UPDATE: Police say the little boy is now safe.

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I just received this alert and its a pretty scary situation especially when you don't know what's happening behind the story. Looks like a mother is confirmed to have taken the child and everyone is safe.

Police are looking for the mother who is Mary McMahon and wish to speak with her. We know that the 2-year-old came up missing around 1:30 a.m. according to authorities.

Keep an eye out or have her contact police. Mary is thought to be driving a 2011 Honda CRV and could be headed to through Oregon on the way to Reno. Looks like authorities just wanna do a welfare check to make sure everyone is okay.

I don't typically write about situations like this because you never know what the story is. I was also feeling like it was important because maybe everyone is okay but what if it isn't. I do so much with child abuse prevention and domestic violence awareness that it would almost be irresponsible of me NOT to post this story.

Police Officers always tell me to report even if you're not sure about a situation. It's that saying, "See something - say something."

Call 911 if you have information.

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