Nope! Nope! Nope! We would've been in a car on the way out of that neighborhood so fast it wouldn't have been funny. 

When you see a bee hive, you ever wonder how many bees are actually buzzing around inside of it? One woman in Boise's North End got to find out the answer first hand.  She got some truly frightening video of the insects swarming after a queen bee decided that it was time for her squad to relocate to a tree on the opposite side of the road.  According to Channel 2, the woman was able to get a hold of Treasure Valley Bee Rescue to help wrangle the bees.  Within 15 minutes, they collected about five pounds of bees which roughly equals about 20,000 insects.

For the record, the woman (known as @ColleenFellows on Twitter) didn't come out of the fiasco unscathed.  She ended up with (believe this or not) a single bee sting.  The folks from the bee rescue rewarded her for calling them with a jar of 100% natural raw, honey from their office.

We don't know if the bicyclist that rode straight into the swarm got stung or not.  Check out Colleen's videos below.  This really does look like something out of a horror movie!

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