It really is inarguable--the hype that was around Morgan Wallen's concert in Nampa at the Ford Idaho Center was unlike anything that we have seen in a very, very long time. We're lucky enough to work in "the music business" and in no recent memory can we recall a time where a pair of concert tickets were so hot-- not even Garth Brooks on The Blue just a few summers ago.

Ok, so Boise went nuts for Morgan and it wasn't even his first time in town. Our colleague recapped what Morgan had to say about Idaho, and it included:


We’ve played over there at the arena before. We were opening for Luke Combs — I guess it’s been a couple of years ago now... but I like it better out here though. We’re gonna sing a bunch of songs tonight, some old, some new, and everything in between. And this next one is the newest song that I’ve got out right now and we just put out the music video for it today.

It was a great time and to our knowledge, there were absolutely no problems.

Is this tour and did his stop in Idaho begin to wear on Morgan's patience!? 

Video is now surfacing of Morgan Wallen getting pretty upset on stage, stopping down the concert, and telling a fan to get out.

According to those in the crowd, a fan started a bit of a fight at Morgan Wallen wanted nothing to do with it--in fact, he wanted him out and expressed that with some choice words and hand gestures!

Maybe he got a little angry that the crowd in Wheatland, California wasn't as fun as Boise? Perhaps the venue was nothing compared to our luxurious Ford Idaho Center?

Either way, we know Morgan Wallen would never yell at an Idahoan!

You can watch the full encounter, below: 





We just happen to have some proof that Idaho does, indeed, love Morgan Wallen.

Photos | Safe to Say Idaho Loves Morgan Wallen...

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