Boise is a pretty safe place, but unfortunately, when the population grows, theft can become more of a problem as well. If you find yourself a continued victim of theft, feel free to take a page out of this Oregon mothers holiday book of revenge.
Angie Bolike, woke up expecting a package containing Christmas pajamas for her 4-month-old son Ben only to find the gift stolen right from her doorstep.
Boliek got creative and decided not to let this holiday Grinch poo-poo on her holiday spirit.
Bolike left a new box on her front porch filled up with 10 to 15 of her son's dirty diapers attached along with a letter that said, "Enjoy this, you thief." Monday morning, the box had vanished.
Bolike says:
“It was kind of a little bit of a relief, and it was fun to come home and see that it was gone,” Boliek told KATU. “We had quite a good laugh thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers, thinking that they’re gonna get something good and it’s not.”

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