Idaho is full of wonder – you have the mysterious cannibalistic dwarves living in the mountains, you’ve got Sasquatch roaming the forests, and of course, we have “UFOs” (dare we say aliens!) in the skies of Idaho. Facebook user Shelley C. shared a video showing mysterious “flares” with us after posting it in the Facebook group Idaho Weather Watchers.

The video, taken from a passenger seat, shows lights or "flares" appearing to "fall" from the clouds. It was taken just outside of Mountain Home and could quite possibly be related to a military exercise. Mountain Home Air Force Base could have been conducting exercises resulting in the flares but what if it wasn’t the military? Facebook users shared their theories on the flares; some are downright hilarious.

Before we get to the video, here are 4 UFO sightings that could possibly be related to this aerial phenomenon.

Could The Sighting in Mountain Home Be Related To These 4 Creepy UFO Sightings?

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Now, the video shared to Idaho Weather Watchers could have a logical explanation and is likely man-made but the reactions are hilarious.

“That’s some X-Files sh** right there,” was the most reacted comment from Facebook user Rodney L. Another user, Brian B. shared an explanation that we could easily buy into and share with anyone who is thinking of moving to Idaho.

Shelley C. via Facebook
Shelley C. via Facebook

“Big freakin Idaho bugs, huge critters, only takes two to carry off a small person. Stay out of Idaho if you don’t want to meet one,” he said.

The most logical answer as we mentioned, is likely the military.

“Flares coming from aircraft stationed at both Gowen Field and Mountain Home AFB,” said Gregory L. while Aaron L. shared a photo of an “M159 white star cluster.”

“It’s a signaling device used by the military. Literally, a handheld tube-launched parachute flare.”

So, what do you think? Do you believe that the source is coming from Mountain Home Air Force Base or are there more mysterious forces at work? Could it be extraterrestrials preparing for a big 4th of July celebration a la the movie ‘Independence Day’?

Anything can happen in the great state of Idaho.

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