A Boise coffee staple that has been in the Treasure Valley since 1988.  I caught myself while living in Spokane asking friends if they wanted to run to "Moxie Java" not knowing it's totally a Boise thing.  Then again, I also don't drink coffee so maybe I'm just behind and out of the loop.

I spent way more hours than I could count at the Moxie Java in Meridian because my best friend in High School worked there. It was our hangout spot, or, the spot I hung out at while my friend worked. Now that it's up for sale, it's crazy to think it will be a memory from WAY back!

Currently listed for sale (the entire business) by Arthur Berry & Co. for $599,000.  Not only does the purchase include two Moxie Java coffee shop locations (company owned shops), but it includes the entire roasting operation, the franchise rights, and two retail locations.

For the complete article and more details on the history of Moxie Java right here in the Treasure Valley, click HERE.

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