Does your dog have the look? Do you take a senseless amount of photos of your prized pet? Great! Let's see if your's is #1. I mean why not win some big prizes including bragging rights of the Treasure Valley's Top Dog!

Last year's winner made their way through the Slobbering 16 down to the Grrr-eat 8 and finally to the Fido four. Mack was a fan favorite and now it's your pet's turn!

Be creative, think outside the kennel, and submit one photo of your dog to the form at the bottom of this post! Make sure you choose the best quality photo. The clearer the shot the better. Blurry or pixelated photos don't tend to do as well during Mutt Madness.

64 total dogs face off against each other with the remaining four dogs battling it out in the FIDO Four. Winners will be determined by votes from listeners online at Each pup will face off against another.

The selection committee will be made up of the 103.5 KISS FM staff and team members from our amazing sponsor, Emerald Street Kennels. I just took a tour and what an amazing facility for a pet.

There will several prizes from Emerald Street Kennels, Boise Music Festival and more to be announced including the bragging rights of top dog in the Treasure Valley.

Have fun, pick the best quality photos that showcase your dog and good luck! Submissions are only open until 12 p.m.. on March 22nd! 

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