Am I the only one that's having a hard time believing this insane heat wave the Treasure Valley is having!? Not only are we in the triple digits this past week, we're trailing close behind some of the hottest desert cities in Nevada and Arizona. Boise usually gets hot in the summer, but I feel like this summer is taking the cake with soaring temperatures. With this crazy heat, I am constantly looking for ways to keep my little one entertained and cool. One activity in particular captures my two year olds interest again and again. Our favorite thing to do (which happens to be 100% free!) is visit 'splash pads.' Splash pads are small water fountains set up for kids to play on in many new parks. My daughter loves to run through the water and make new friends with other little ones she meets at the park. There are a ton of 'splash pads' in the Treasure Valley, but I have two spots that I find myself gravitating towards. These two, in my opinion, are the most fun and ideal for my daughter. My first favorite splash pad is at Settlers Park in Meridian. This splash pad is quite large, and its accompanying park sprawls across a huge field. Your little one will definitely burn his or her energy running around this place! Another fun thing about Settlers Park are the instruments set up for small children to test out their creativity on. There are many things to see and do at Settlers Park and its easy to make an afternoon out of hanging there. Our second favorite splash pad is at the Merrill Reid Park in Eagle. This splash pad is much smaller compared to Settlers, but it is nestled nicely into its accompanying park. My daughter loves to run between the water fountains and going down the slide on the playground. Not to mention this park I find to be extremely beautiful. There are picturesque walking paths and many surrounding water features among its greenery. Though these are my top two splash pads, I'm sure there are a handful we haven't even visited yet! Please feel free to drop your favorite way to keep your kids cooled off and entertained in this crazy heat in the comments below!

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