I was writing about the Wedding Party Show for this upcoming weekend and came across some great memories from our ceremony a few years ago. I looked back and that made me really think about what my New Year's Resolutions are now.

I'll share some never before seen moments and my own resolutions as we look into 2019. We all might want to take a step back and erase this one thing moving forward - negative emotion.

I was toasting 2019 with my wife on our couch while holding our little 3-month-old, Leo. I think back to what life was before my wife and these special moments didn't really populate my thoughts. Well, my life has changed drastically and for the GREAT. I couldn't have met a more beautiful soul in my wife that birthed two miracles. I've grown as a man, husband, and father. I've also learned to put in perspective what's most important in life.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Social media has thrust into our lives the great things about us and uncovered bad. I believe this has opened up a channel to continue the negativity in the workplace and everywhere else. We choose to scroll feeds commenting on everything we see for hours on end each day. It doesn't stop there. We continue to spread that negativity through cubicles, offices, and in our own homes. It's almost like we don't even know it's happening because everyone is so accustomed to the lifestyle now.

My 2019 challenge to you is #unsubscribe to the drama and the gossip. There was a time when we actually lived up to a saying, "If you don't have something nice to say - don't say anything at all." What happened? How did we get so lost? I want to challenge you to unsubscribe to it all and move on. I look at my life now and realize how hard I've worked to get here and build a life. I can't let the actions of people in the news, online or in the office bring me down. It's also my obligation to stop the cycle of 😤

I've challenged myself to not say, "What did they say?" or join in "Well, you know what I heard." I choose to let everyone else ruin their attitudes but it can't touch mine. I have two wonderful children and an amazing wife. My career has never been better and we're building a great team with my new co-host Kat Fisher. I can only worry about the actions that I take, post, and deliberate on. That goes for you too. Just remember that misery loves company.

Whenever I am faced with someone spreading negativity in my relationship, I remember the old saying, 'Misery loves company.' I am also reminded to be mindful of the company you keep. Sometimes you cannot see a hater until you are happy. It is then that they demonstrate their negativity. - Raheem DeVaughn

Instead, focus on what you can for yourself. Surround yourself with happiness 😀Smile more. Be grateful. Compliment someone else besides yourself every day. Go through one day without complaining. Be honest with no regrets. Don't overthink life. Socially share a positive moment and not a negative one. Delete negative posts before they ignite your feed with hate. Finally, just be nice and #unsubscribe. Don't give a hateful person the fuel to engage your mind.

Photo by: Kekeluv

In 2019, I just hope for a healthy family and hopefully, everything else falls into place. I can't worry about what other people do or say. My father gave me some great advice once.

Don't worry about the things you can't control. Focus on the things you can control.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine discussing holiday plans years ago. I'm sure I was working or frustrated with some project and a great friend said to me,

Keke, when your last day comes and it will. You won't be laying there wishing you had completed a promotion better or wishing you could have worked more. Keke you won't ever remember what someone said about you on social media. Kekeluv, the only thing you'll wish for is time back with your family. Don't let society rob you from the riches you have right now. Embrace that and you'll win.

What great advice. This isn't a subliminal message to anyone specific because that's the first thing someone will be mentally programmed to think in our new social everywhere lives. This is a message directed towards everyone. Thanks to Kat for letting me steal her #unsubscribe term.