Things on a quarantine that just make you think. I mean, I have a dripping handle on my kitchen sink, door hinge that is off in my bathroom, a garbage disposal that has a mind of its own, and the list go on.

I'm wondering If I'm the only one that begins to think of things while stuck at the house. We have to leave right after the show which puts me at home much earlier than usual. That doesn't mean the kids will let me work which is how I saw this.

Did you know that if you don't wash your dryer filter it could burn things out? Go grab your dryer filter and run some water over it. See if the water just rolls off the side or goes through the filter. You need to make sure the water runs directly through that filter to keep is up to date. This could take off several years from your dryer and don't expect customer service to cover that disaster! You can also just put it in the dishwasher. Yes, the place you wash your dishes.

You learn a lot spending so much time at home online and I'm learning anything could basically sit in that dishwasher. It's not just hats in 2020.

My wife will argue this one with me but who wants to purchase more sponges? I noticed being home earlier that I couldn't find the sponge. I would look forever each week and that's when it hits me. My wife dumps them because they get so dirty. Well, just put them in the dishwasher and boom! Add all your cleaning stuff and make life easier.

What about a toothbrush? Who would have thought this was possible. Just make sure you don't use dishwasher soap when cleaning. Put your toothbrushes in and simply let it start cleaning. Say hello to your new sanitizer! This might just add some life onto your toothbrush which I'm sure could use it.

Growing up we used our dishwasher to clean dirty hats. I remember hearing that loud banging noise from my mom cleaning everyone's shoes. I mean it gets expensive and nobody was trying to buy new shoes if you know what I mean. Gotta be resourceful and that brings us to the rest of the list. Have you ever thought about cooking in your dishwasher? What about hair care items? Follow my link below to find more items including great ways to cook shrimp in your dishwasher 🍤

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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