The number one question I get on my phones each more during the show seems to always be about my family. That is one of the reasons why I love living in the Treasure Valley. Our family has had quite the medical history and so many of our listeners are just genuinely wondering the status.

Here's a quick update of our newest member of the family Leo Livingston and our little man Lennox Jimmy.

Let me first say I'm so incredibly lucky to have met an amazing woman. Paige has been extraordinary as a wife and even more inspiring as a mom. My wife's destiny was to be a mother and she's lived up to that and more. She is the mother-in-chief and sees everything that I don't. She's responsible for so much and I can't be more prouder of her and those two little children. Nobody is perfect and we all have our setbacks. I think it's realizing what's most important and what's dismal that puts things in perspective.

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We have our son Lennox that has been plagued with health issues and has spent more time in the hospital than most adults. Lennox is resilient like most little kids and he has the scars to prove it. That said, he's become quite the little gentleman. I took him to the Halloween store recently and a man got my attention to say thank you. I said, "excuse me, sir?" He replied, "Your son just said please and thank you, sir. I appreciate you teaching your son manners. You don't hear that much." That was a proud moment for me. I was jumping for joy inside because I want him to have those values but I can't make him do it. That was a great daddy moment for me.

Lennox is doing great if you can't tell. The most recent scare we had wasn't much of a scare but more a worry. We think he'll grow out of his allergies but at this point, we're not taking any chances. We've had two different reports where one says he's allergic to milk and the other says he isn't. I feel comfortable that when I'm at work my wife has complete control.

Leo is the newest member of the family and she's so beautiful. It's obvious where she gets her looks,.......OKAY, it's her mother ❤️Delivery was great thanks to each and every superstar at Saint Alphonsus. I especially liked that our pediatrician visited us in our room to look over Leo. Great experience and she's doing awesome. We do think based upon some testing that she might have some complications due to milk and Paige has gone Paleo overnight to make sure our daughter is getting the best nutrition.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Sidenote: Our Pediatrician from Saint Alphonsus, Dr. Vaun J. Archibald gave us some great tips. Dr. Archibald has been great from the beginning but he explained how important it was to get Lennox involved in decision making with Leo. let Lennox get up and grab a diaper to help change. let Lennox hold the bottle and really give him ownership as big brother. If I could ever recommend a peds doctor it would be this guy for so many other reasons. If you're looking, visit

I'll attach this video and photo of one visit we just recently had. I'll tell you that the guy in this video is the same in my photo. He truly loves kids. While all of their doctors are probably great, my families heart is with this guy.

Everyone is doing great! I'm want to thank everyone for always asking and wanted to give you a quick update with some pretty awesome photos. Quick note: I'm not a doctor but if your baby is having any issues with feeding or complications later that can't be detected. Again, I'm not a doctor. Try to check for a milk alergy. I only say that coming from experience and alot of people will agree that dairy isn't that great for you. Some babies have a hard time digesting and that's all I can really say. Definitely just keep it in the back of your mind and ask questions. If I've learned anything over the past 3 years it's about knowledge and asking questions. Hope that helps!

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