The stay-at-home order has been extended for Idaho till the end of the month. Will things go back to normal afterward? Is everyone going to be safe?

The honest answer is it depends on who you ask because everyone is arguing about it. I'm still working in the studio each morning but have to finish all work from home after. Easy right? Ask my computer how easy.

I was out on the patio Friday while my wife was making an early dinner. I had my laptop in front of me knocking out some blogs and other things. I decided to take one second to watch my son throw the football and it couldn't have been more than:05 seconds. I turn around and my daughter had reached on the table, grabbed a stem glass and dumped the beverage all over my Macbook Pro. I had just filled this damn thing up and it was crazy how fast that happened.

This is my stay-at-home normal because I'm new at this. My son is completely different than my daughter. My son Lennox would never think of it and Leo will grab ANYTHING. I felt terrible because I felt like I blanked out and went to a happy place because the daddy patient meter was going to explode. I might have dropped an awkward word or two for the neighbors to hear.

Leo about to make her move
Leo about to make her move

Did I mention there was about a quarter of an inch just sitting on my keyboard when I looked at it? My one-year-old angel grabbed the glass, dumped it over in perfection and responsibly put the glass back where it belonged.

Ahhhhh parenthood. In the end, it's just a computer that daddy can't afford to replace. I think I'm actually talking to myself at this point 😂I dumped it over and just let it sit for the weekend. I'm on it now and things seem okay for now ✌️I mean at the end of the day it's just life and my daughter was smiling at me because she is a little over one year old. should she really know any better? Also, nobody was hurt and everyone is healthy. Mmmmm, but DAMN girl!

I think I'm still trying to talk to myself. I learned to keep things up with should be common sense right? Obvious not! I'll do better 😀

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