It's the worst case scenario: You and your best friends make plans together, and everyone agrees to said plans.

Until one of them decides to go have a one night stand instead.

This is the story about how this happened to me...all while trying to protect Earth from the evil Fallen, Hive, and of course the Vex.

My buddies and I have a rule when it comes to playing Destiny, an online video game we play on Playstation 4. Shoot a text out to the group, everyone agrees to a time when they can jump online and play, then we all meet in orbit (the game's online lobby) to coordinate what activities we'll be doing in the game. The two friends I play with most are Schnarfel and DancingJacket (at least, those are their gamer tags.) I get a text from DancingJacket saying "Strike?" (a strike is a mission in the game.) Schnarfel and I both replay "I'm on," meaning we're ready to play. This is typically how we play online, but this instance ended much differently.

Schnarfel and I jump into the game, and complete said strike. DancingJacket is nowhere to be found. He replies by text about 30 minutes later with "I have an opportunity to get laid and I'm taking it!" Verbatim what he said. So Schnarfel and I continue our journey, shoot some aliens in the face, and call it a day.

Text Convo

DancingJacket never came online that day. He was too busy hooking up with some random girl. Me and my gamer buddy were ditched for a girl.

We all know it's bro-code to not ditch your boys for a chick, but is the rule the same the other way around? Do girls have an unspoken rule when it comes to putting your girlfriends first?

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