This morning I walked out to the picture above. Obviously, I had to ask what happened. Expecting to hear "I left fill-in-the-blank in my car and got robbed" I was shocked to hear this instead: "My ex-girlfriend did it." People really do this!? I thought this type of behavior only existed on reality TV, but apparently, I thought wrong. I watched the guy shake his head as he began to pick the glass up off the ground, and as I began to walk away a police car rolled up. It looked like he was filing a report- which I 100% condone. After seeing this, it got me onto thinking about my own experiences... honestly, I've never had an "ex" do anything like this. Not even remotely close. But as I mentioned this story to friends, I began to hear a fair amount of crazy "ex" stories. Now, I don't know the details of what happened between the young man who owned this car and his ex-girlfriend but I personally believe that there is absolutely no behavior that warrants this type of a reaction or response. I can't help but feel that this is incredibly immature, and ultimately makes HER look crazy. There is just no scenario in my mind that justifies this kind of behavior. Am I the only one who thinks this? And what crazy "ex" stories do you have of your own?

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