This will only make sense if you watched the Grammy's last night. Let me paint the picture for you, Keke is at home drinking a bottle of wine cause his family is away for the weekend, Mateo is at a bar with some friends, Kat claims to be a home but her cats will not confirm that and I'm chillin at my place eating the biggest basket of homemade fries known to man! We are all watching the Grammy's and texting each other. These are the notes and some texts that we're going back and forth between all of us (texts will be in parentheses) You will have to guess who texted which line.

Lizzo and that Flute (get it girl... shes sexy)... Lil Nas X in that hot pink ( ride till you can't ride no more)... Alicia and Boys to men with the Kobe tribute ( soooo sad)... Blake and Gwen(Awwweee)... Jo Bros and that band (I hate that song)... Lizzo let’s continue to reach out hold each other down and lift each other up (See shes' dope)... Bebe and Shania (Bebe is shorter than Shania, the bigger the hair the closer to god)...Usher Prince tribute (garbage! Hey I like that) ...Ariana and her lingerie show (xxcuse me inappropriate)...Lil Nas X with BTS, Diplo,Billy Ray Cirus and Nas... Demi that was real ( I think she was really crying... OMG she can sing)...kazoo poll? ( people really play the Kazoo in 2020)... Billie very genuine ( Shes Fire)... Post Limon in poll ( Ima ask people on IG if this should be a Super Bowl commercial)...Sharon Osborne announcing the best rap performance... ( u wanna talk about two things that don't match)

And that's a look into our twisted conversations. Feel free to guess who said what on text.


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