If you remember just a number of weeks ago now, all of the news, the jokes, and the talk in our country was about a balloon. A Chinese 'spy balloon' to be exact. This thing was flying over the country for a couple of days and folks from coast to coast were seeing it, sharing all sorts of emotions. Many wanted it shot down immediately, others demanded more of a response from the United States Government. The majority on the internet, however, turned it into a meme for the ages.

Just this past weekend, a similar thing was happening in the skies of Eastern Washington. All sorts of photos, panic, and confusion were taking to the internet.

What exactly was going on above Eastern Washington? Let's look...

Mysterious Flying Object Leaves Eastern Washington Afraid

Over the weekend, a strange flying object above Spokane, Washington--just minutes from the Idaho border--had many confused and afraid. Let's take a look.

So what actually was going on above Spokane? We have the answer...

According to KREM 2 News, that flying object above Spokane was nothing more than a hot air balloon. We're very thankful that no missiles were used to take thing thing down!!! Perhaps our friends in Spokane, Washington aren't used to seeing big hot air balloons over their city the way that we are here in Boise?

We must say, however, just the shape of that balloon looks like something that nobody would expect and something that an evil villain would fly into town on. We kind of love it.

Check it out below: 

5 Reasons Why China Will Not Fly A Spy Balloon Over Idaho

We mean business

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