It's that time of year where everything in our store fronts turns red or pink, chocolates take over as preferred treats, and the pressure to buy flowers is at an all time national high.

Valentine's Day is coming.

For some, it's a mushy-gushy romantic time of showering gifts and love-making. For others it might be their most bitter time of the year. For entertainment purposes, let's be honest: bitter is almost always more entertaining.

Our friends at Zoo Boise have the most amazing idea for Valentine's Day. It's different, far from "normal", and it's probably unlike anything you've ever done.

For just $20, you can name one of their many cockroaches after a lover...or, an ex...? Your online order will have your cockroach named and highlighted on the website AND you will receive an honorary certificate with your cockroach's name in your email inbox!

Now, this is how it's described on the Zoo Boise website: 

Show your love by naming a Zoo Boise cockroach after that special someone, your best friend, or your favorite family member. After purchasing, we will email you the certificate and add the name to our website. Cockroach names must be approved by Zoo Boise staff. The cost is only $20!

Are we missing something here? It's for your CURRENT lover? 

We like the idea of an Ex, much, much more....keep it Bitter, Boise!!

Interested in making a purchase--for love or loss? CLICK HERE!

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