Last week I wrote about a controversy hitting Nampa that involved the Mayor stating that "adding the words" (a movement to add protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity) officially isn't needed because Nampa is kind enough. Now, talks of another social issue are rising, this time they involve panhandling.

Panhandling, the act of asking for money or help in the streets, is currently being discouraged in the City of Nampa by way of several signs. At the moment, there are nine of these signs hanging in Nampa, in prominent panhandling areas and they encourage drivers to give to local charities, versus those who may be seeking help on the city's sidewalks.

Now, city officials are hearing from residents who say these are not needed and not welcoming in the streets of Nampa. According to the State of Idaho, each city has it's own right to handle panhandling as they see fit since there is no overarching state law. On Monday, April 6th, the city council will meet and hear from their legal team on the legality of all of this--these meetings are of course open to the public if you would like to chime in or just see what everyone has to say. If enough people voice their opinions, no matter their side of the argument, one must assume the city would hold a town hall on the issue.

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