Idaho is continuing to grow and that's no secret. With the increase in growth comes an increase in diversity and the figures are moving on up when it comes to the Hispanic and Latino communities. According to an article written up by KTVB, Idaho's News Channel 7, the 2020 census indicated a 1.5 percent increase in Hispanic and Latino Idahoans since 2010.

With an increase in this population comes an increased need for representation and organizations like PODER of Idaho and making it happen.

If you're unfamiliar PODER of Idaho's mission statement as listed on their website is:

PODER of Idaho works to defend and support Latino, undocumented, and DACAmented communities throughout Idaho through actions, events, and various campaigns on economic justice, social justice, and education. PODER of Idaho strives to keep our communities informed.

Are you a student, young professional, or member of the Latinx community looking to get more involved? We hope to see you there, too!

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