Having grown up in Nampa, this infamous water tank along the side of I-84 is like a landmark of my childhood.  As I've gotten older I have realized a couple of things: it isn't as big as it seemed when I was a kid and it isn't nearly as cool as I once thought it was.

The water tower pictured above could soon be demolished to make space for water storage 3 times its size. Today, Nampa City Council will vote on the issue.  The tower has been erect for nearly 50 years and hold 500,000 gallons of water-- not enough for the City of Nampa. Currently, water stored is for the city's fire department and drinking water.

Other options include: building a new water tower and letting this familiar one stand, refurbishing the current tank which still wouldn't hold enough water for the city.

If for some reason you have an emotional attachment to the aged water tower---don't worry, it isn't going anywhere immediately. If voted to demolition today, it would be brought down no sooner than the year 2020.

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