Nampa is looking for one lucky student to make history on March 20, 2019, in front of thousands.

Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling is on a citywide search for a Nampa student from ages 8 - 18 who is all about Nampa and ready to rock a large crowd for the State of the City Address. This is a RARE opportunity.

I would submit and blow the judges away but I barely miss the age range on this opportunity - feel me! If you know someone that fits in that age gap, is a student and very passionate about Nampa that includes no stage fright, this is your chance. They took this one old school and that means you need to grab a stamp and mail a letter!

Send your letter to Mayor Debbie Kling with the following details to win this contest. I love the challenge to students and think it's great to engage these young adults.

  • Name
  • School/homeschool
  • Future focus
  • Year in school
  • Contact information (phone # and email)
  • Explain why you should be the chosen one to emcee this big event
  • Include a short description of "what does the future of Nampa look like to you"

Let me give you some quick advice that will only help and never hurt you. Pay close attention to what they want and don't deviate. That means NO "To whom it may concerns" intros. Be personable and honest. If you love your community and are a great speaker this might be your opportunity.

  • Email your letter to by February 22, 2019
  • Students or parents can contact Amy Bowman with any questions 208.565.5256

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