How many licks does it take to get to the center of a popsicle? We aren't sure--and it probably depends on a lot of conditions. How large is your tongue? Are you licking softly or aggressively? Is it hot outside while you're licking the tasty treat?

According to Purdue University, about 364 licks can get the average person there.

Nampa--it's time to get your tongues and your sweet tooth ready, because a really great community event is being organized by the Nampa Police Department.

We've got to give it to the Nampa Police Department, by the way-- this department is always having fun on social media and in their community. In a time when differences seem to be at an all-time high and political banter is polarizing unlike anything we've seen in recent history, the Nampa Police Department is always working to be gain trust among the citizens that they serve.

Now, they're taking the summer fun to a whole new level by announcing their first ever "Popsicles With Police" event!

On Thursday, August 26th, the public is invited to the back entrance of the Nampa Police Department where they can get a free popsicle and hang with the cops! Take a look at their equipment, meet the doggos, ask questions and get to know those that keep us safe.  This kicks off at 6:00 p.m.

This is a really great idea for kids and families!

To learn more about this event, invite a friend, or RSVP, click HERE.

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